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In the past 8 months we have been selling the Bloggers Choice scarves in stores all over Europe. The three bloggers The Insider, Malsen & Delance Fashion has each chosen a Charity to support. The bloggers were asked to design their own scarf where 10% of the sales will be donated to the chosen Charity.

Yesterday it was finally time for Malsen to hand over the donation to the Charity of her choice – Julemærkehjemmene. We started out with a group photo with all the lovely children at Julemærkehjemmet Kildemose, 1 hour drive northwest of Copenhagen, before they headed off for their afternoon run. Two of the girls, Laura and Julie, gave us a tour round the house – they were two very brave girls 🙂 Marlene (Malsen) could hand over a donation of 16.000 DKK to the organisation. Along with the donation Kudibal also gave 4 bags of clothing and scarves for the children.

You can read more about the organization here. (Only in Danish).


Why Marlene (Malsen) chose to support Julemærkehjemmene and the idea behind the scarf

Carity: I am supporting the Danish foundation “Julemærkehjemmene” which helps overweight children to lose weight and regain their self-esteem. I chose the organisation because as a teacher I have experienced first-hand how they give children their life back, by helping them build self-confidence and inspiring them to live a healthier life. I want to help to encourage the children to become winners in life.

Inspiration: Since the very beginning of the project, I have tried to figure out which patterns and colours express me as a person the best. Animal print was an obvious choice and as the AW15 collection is inspired by a Nordic woman’s journey through Peru, I chose the panther print, because Peru is where they are from. I wanted to simultaneously express a contrast, a trend and something Danish. Check is a big trend in fashion at the moment and the Harlequin checks I have chosen are often associated with the Copenhagen Tivoli. I think they also symbolise amusement rides, playfulness, fun and games. These are things that life should encompass and that should be expressed through fashion.

I love simplicity and my favourite colours are black, white, grey and nude. I have tried to combine a current trend, the story of the collection and my own personal style into my design.


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