In the Dea Kudibal Spring Summer 18 collection we find ourselves in the fabulous palace of Alhambra where time stands still.
Imagine yourself in a fortress surrounded by stunning ancient architecture where each room has its own atmosphere. As you pass through the many rooms small gardens appear, each garden with its own delightful scent and colour palette.

Entering the Temple room you are surrounded by mosaic tiles in a monochrome look. Having a closer look you will find several beautiful details in the tiling.
Moving in to the Royal room, douche and calm colours like the earth tones, old rose and delicate pastels meets the eye. Thousands of small elements are combined together, creating an amazing design true to the Arabian architecture.
As we arrive in the heart of the fortress, the Sephora room, you look up and the star ceiling that emphasizes the dome overwhelms you. You are met with an explosion of harmonious colours in blue, coral, yellow and turquoise.
You stroll in to the Samaya garden with ancient tiles unfolding under your feet. Wild flowers are rising up the walls tangled together in a colourful harmony.

Enjoy the calming atmosphere in the fields of Alhambra.