How to take care of your silk

We think that silk is one of the most beautiful and luxurious fabrics available and it has always been a key part of the Dea Kudibal DNA. Often when you think about silk clothing you think of it as a very delicate fabric that can be a challenge to clean.

But in fact over the years the washing machines have improved a lot, so if you follow the right instructions you can wash your silk in a washing machine as an alternative to hand wash or dry-cleaning.

We would like to give you some tips and tricks on how to wash your Dea Kudibal silk clothing. However it is important to point out that if you are in doubt you should always ask your cleaner for advice.

  1. Always read your care label before washing your silk clothing. You can wash most of our silk clothing in a machine as long as you follow the correct steps and precautions, even though the care label recommends dry cleaning. It is important to mention that you should never spot-treat your silk, always bring these garments to your local drycleaner.
  2. Choose a silk program on your washing machine. The temperature should be 30C, to avoid any damage on the silk.
  3. Place the silk in a laundry bag, so the silk does not snag on the washing machine drum.
  4. Use a mild silk detergent, we recommend Classic silk wash. Follow the directions on the label.
  5. Never tumble dry your silk. Let it hang to dry on a padded hanger or let it dry flat on a towel.
  6. Most of our silk clothing can be ironed at low heat, but please make sure to follow care label instructions.

We hope that this guide can be helpful and make you confidant when washing your Dea Kudibal silk clothes.. If you have any further questions regarding how to wash your Dea Kudibal clothing you are always more than welcome to contact us: .

Xoxo the Dea Kudibal team

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